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Labor Solutions

Do you need manpower? Need Bulgaria based Residents? Need them fast?

Actus can help you SCALE UP your manpower under a SHORT NOTICE on each jobsite.  Our laborers come prepared with tools, social security, insurance and ready to add value to your jobsite.  

Materials Hendling-100

Materials Handling & Sourcing

Increase your CBE by involving Actus with Material Sourcing and Handling. Actus has proven itself in helping various material companies from all over the country to participate in new building projects in the Sofia area.


Do you need professional construction services or management on your upcoming project? Actus can provide general construction and contact of professional suppliers, authorities and subcontractors as well as 1st tier subcontracting to meet your Sofia district compliance needs on your upcoming project. 

About us

A bit about us and what we do

Actus provides a wide range of construction services since 2017 that includes labor staffing, subcontracting and general contracting. Actus is a Sofia based  certified building contractor, and project management company.  Actus has performed construction projects throughout the Sofia area ranging in sizes from small big size projects and contracts.    


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